Business and Systems Analysis Course (05., 12., 19.03.2024)

Äri- ja süsteemianalüüsi kursus 22.08-19.03


Teisipäev, 5. märts, Teisipäev, 12. märts, Teisipäev, 19. märts kell 9-17:00 EET

  • Spring Hub • Pärnu maantee 148, 11317 Tallinn, Harju maakond
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In the IT world, the same rule applies as elsewhere: the earlier a mistake is made, the more expensive it is to fix. Business and system analysis lay the foundation on which IT projects can be truly effective – and making mistakes here can be very costly.

Business and system analysis are performed by various roles in different organizations:

  • Business and system analysts
  • Product owners
  • Service designers
  • Solution architects
  • Business architects
  • Project managers
  • Developers
  • Consultants
  • And more.

It’s crucial that goals and needs are communicated and solutions are thoughtfully considered based on them. That’s why we’ve put together a course where we discuss all the fundamental principles of business and system analysis.

Training plan: March 5 – Fundamentals of IT Analysis Find your role and area of responsibility in different project management methodologies Necessary communication skills for identifying requirements Productive meetings in the digital age Creating and managing an up-to-date documentation repository Using frameworks, standards, and tools to achieve success March 12 – Business Analysis Skills Building a strong foundation with a terminology glossary Setting goals and maintaining scope Mapping roles for business processes Different process mapping techniques and when to use them Understanding requirement mapping March 19 – System Analysis Skills Fundamentals of IT architecture User interface analysis Organizing background components Fundamentals of database design Analyzing APIs and integrations Implementing security measures for authentication and authorization

Each training day includes both theoretical and practical parts, providing a good overview of the knowledge learned. Please do not be late and plan to participate for the whole day!

It’s possible to attend just one training day – check out the tickets!

About the trainer:

Kaja Trees ( has been in the IT world for over 20 years, including more than 15 years as a business and system analyst. Kaja has experience in:

  • Various sectors: government information systems, telecommunications, utilities, logistics, IoT, finance;
  • Various types of organizations: startups, software development companies, large corporations, small businesses;
  • Various positions: developer, system analyst, business analyst, project manager, integration analyst, product owner, Success Manager, Technical Platform Owner, client representative.

During the course, she shares experiences from her different projects – from team collaboration to the details of system analysis.

Feedback from a previous course: From a starting business analyst: “This course helped me understand how different topics fit together and relate my university studies to real life. I got many tips on how to do my job better!” From an experienced system analyst: “I gained new ideas and tips for approaching different topics at each theme. Kaja’s shared experiences and practical advice helped me better understand my work and how to do it in the best way.” From someone outside IT who commissions IT projects: “Thanks to this course, I better understand how to collaborate with IT, what different roles in IT do, and what they expect from me at different project stages. I can now anticipate some potential problems and be a better partner to IT. I also understand the diagrams IT people have shown me before.”

All training days start at 9 am and end at 5 pm. Lunch, coffee, tea, and water are included in the price for attendees. Snacks are also available for purchase on site.

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