About me

Who am I?

I am an IT analyst-architect with a technical background and more than 20 years of experience. I consider my main strength to be the ability to analyze complex requirements and provide the best solution to support business needs.

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My background

My background includes specialized software development and integration projects, including 3PP systems; product development in startups; public procurement, and Horizon projects.

In my work, I have encountered various sectors:

  • Utility services (DSO and TSO; remote-readable meters, operational support systems, analytics)
  • Internet of Things (monitoring IoT networks, prioritizing problem-solving, etc.)
  • Insurance and finance
  • Telecommunications (fixed and mobile operators; customer relationship management, self-service, asset management, network information system, product catalog, order management, work order management, provisioning, telemarketing, etc.)
  • Government (court case registry, police information system, statistical office, agriculture, procedure information system)
  • Software development support (task lists, software version control, work reporting, project management, pipeline)