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Our IT training and resources help you make informed decisions when ordering and developing IT systems.

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The club's goal

Innovative and well-thought-out IT solutions

nto account the client’s needs and resources, and fulfilling the client’s objectives efficiently and with innovative solutions. We know that we cannot achieve this alone, but together we can create a world where carefully analyzed and well-developed IT systems are prevalent.

To achieve this, we have created an open and collaborative environment where IT and business analysts, regardless of job title, can share knowledge, learn new skills, and introduce innovative solutions. Our approach combines IT training, agile roles, business analysis, and system analysis; covering everything from communication techniques and documentation best practices to project management techniques.

ITBAC is committed to building a community that promotes the industry’s best practices and takes IT and business analysis to a new level, emphasizing effective IT solutions and innovative approaches.

Training and services

Our learning opportunities combine various forms of training so that everyone can find something suitable:

Public training

A combined approach that takes place both in the classroom and online, offering both personal interaction and convenience. You can find the schedules for the upcoming public trainings here.

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Online training

A flexible form of learning consisting of pre-recorded videos and materials that you can go through at your own pace. You can browse the offered online trainings here.

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Customized training

Fully customized trainings designed according to the specific needs of a particular company or organization, taking into account the desired topics and preferred format. To request an offer, please contact us.

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Regular meetings focused on specific topics and long-term development. To book mentoring, please contact us.

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Mastermind group

Group meetings for people in IT and analysis-related professions to collectively discuss topics on improving IT development. You can put yourself in line for the next mastermind group here.

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Short consultation

A 1.5-hour personal consultation where we offer advice and support in solving specific problems. To book a consultation, please contact us.

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Business and system analysis course 05.03

In the IT world, the same rule applies as elsewhere – the earlier you make a mistake, the more costly it is to correct it. Business and system analysis lay the foundation on which IT projects can be truly effective – and making a mistake there is very costly.

On-site or online follow-up

Business Professional's Guide to IT Procurement and Successful Collaboration 07.05

In the modern business world, IT has become an integral part of every organization. However, understanding this complex field and effectively collaborating with it can be challenging even for the most experienced business professionals.


Optimal Documentation in IT Projects: Useful, Linked, and Up-to-Date

Does documentation take too much time and provide no benefit? Is it always outdated and never enough? Have you given up hope of keeping documentation up to date? It doesn’t have to be that way!

Online and on-site

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Who am I?

We are IT and business analysts passionate about our profession, eager to learn and improve in it. On this page, we talk about everything related to IT and business analysis, inviting you to an open discussion on these topics. Simply add a comment to one of our articles or send us a message!

Trainer Kaja Trees has been in the IT world for over 20 years, of which more than 15 years as a business and system analyst. During this time, she has worked in companies of various sizes and participated in projects of different natures, from public procurements to startup developments. Her greatest recognition has been invitations from clients to new projects.

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Data Field Analysis: Practical Handbook and Checklist

During an analyst’s work, it is surprisingly often necessary to deal with the analysis of data fields.

This is a term I have coined for this particular book. Yet, I am sure that anyone who has conducted IT system analysis has either performed data field analysis – or made somewhat arbitrary decisions regarding it or left it for someone else to do.

Data field analysis is the analysis of data object attributes at all levels of technicality.

This is how the book written by Kaja Trees begins, which will soon be published (it can be pre-ordered here!). The book encapsulates what goes through an analyst’s mind when decisions need to be made regarding the naming, displaying, behavior, etc., of data fields. It includes a detailed description of what needs to be considered during this process for different types of data fields and provides a more detailed description for specific common data fields.

This book helps business, system, and data analysts understand how they make their decisions and to think about them more wisely in the future.