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Started work in IT field as Software Developer at 1999, at first in web development and then IT systems, covering also the roles of IT Architect and IT Analyst in several of the projects. 2006 she realized that she is most passionate about making sure the system solves customer’s actual needs, instead of the technical details. This realization resulted in a role change to IT Analyst / Architect. She has moved to cover also Business Analysis since. From 2018, she is offering her services as IT and Business Analyst as a freelancer in her own company Liriel OÜ.

What should analyst ask from client?

Recently I wrote about characteristics of good analyst. I have to add that nobody is perfect – it is very difficult to find someone with all the listed characteristics. In addition, every analyst has all those traits represented on different level. Every analyst can improve themselves in areas where they aren’t that strong.

In my own opinion, my biggest weakness is asking questions. Often I didn’t know what to ask even when it was clear that I don’t understand anything. Still, you need to start somewhere…

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What is a good (IT-)analyst like?

Hea IT-analüütik kirjutab häid märkmeid
Analyst’s notes. Photo: Kaja Trees

My past and current customers often give me the compliment of asking if I could take on another project. Or maybe I can suggest someone, who would be just as good. But how to evaluate an analyst?

I consider analysis work to be easily learned. When I told my Granny what I do for work, she was surprised that somebody is willing to pay for this! They are, and more than average salary. You just need certain personality traits and learnable skills.

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