Optimal documentation in IT projects: useful, relevant, and up-to-date. (02.04.2024)

Optimaalne dokumentatsioon: kasulik, seostatud ja ajakohane


Tuesday, April 2, from 09:00 to 13:00 EET


Does documentation take too much time without being useful? Is it always outdated and never sufficient? Have you given up hope of keeping documentation up-to-date? It doesn’t have to be this way!

IT IS POSSIBLE to document within reasonable limits in a way that facilitates project progress! IT IS POSSIBLE to document so that the right information is always found in the necessary place! IT IS POSSIBLE to always keep documentation up-to-date!

We have put together a course on how to create optimal documentation. In it, there will always be only useful information that is also relevant and updated.

Your course instructor and IT analyst-architect, Kaja:

Koolitaja Kaja Trees on pika kogemusega IT äri- ja süsteemianalüütik, kes on töötanud erinevates valdkondades ja ettevõtte tüüpides.

Trainer Kaja Trees is an experienced IT business and system analyst who has worked in various fields and types of companies.


I’m Kaja, an IT analyst-architect with over 20 years of experience. My strength lies in analyzing complex requirements and offering the best solutions for business processes. I have worked in various sectors, including energy, finance, telecommunications, and government. I have been involved in a wide range of projects, from software development to system integration.

Currently, I am a business analyst at Eesti Energia and a part-time teacher at ITBAC. You can view my full CV on LinkedIn.

I specialize in system analysis, architecture, and business process analysis. I have thought through and tested various documentation methods for myself. During these tests, I’ve made many mistakes, which I hope others don’t have to go through. However, when joining new developments, I repeatedly see exactly those same mistakes that can be avoided!

I am now ready to share this with all of you who feel that it’s not possible in IT projects.

Welcome to a course that will change your perception of documentation in IT projects!

Why this course?

  • Universality and practicality: Suitable for everyone, from analysts to management members.
  • Results-oriented: We teach skills that help you do your job better.
  • Continuous learning and development: We stay up to date with the latest trends to offer you the best experience.

In the optimal documentation course, we learn:

Why do we document?

Why is it thought that documentation is not necessary? (see also the article Debunking 6 Myths About Documentation) Why should you actually document? (see also the article Documentation: Whether, Why, and How?) Documentation and Agile Software Development

What to document?

Which roles need what kind of documentation? When is this documentation needed? What should be reflected in the document?

How to document?

What is needed from a good documentation tool? Common tools and their pros and cons Good document structure

Documentation Repository

What is needed from a documentation repository? Common options, their pros and cons, and how to best utilize them Structuring and linking in the documentation repository

How to keep documentation up-to-date?

Which documents to keep and which not? When to write documentation? When to add a document to the repository?

Join us and gain practical skills! The training takes place at BCS Training facilities in Tallinn and also online. The course will be recorded and made available for a limited time for participants to review.

The training price includes snacks during breaks, and coffee, tea, and water throughout the event.

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